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Neil Young Monsanto Protest Album Now Streaming Live- Listen Here

Whether it’s been the rise of corporate influence in music and entertainment or racism and everything in between, rock legend Neil Young has always been on the cutting edge of musical protest.

Young has a long history of music with a purpose, and his latest album with the band Promise of the Real titled ‘The Monsanto Years’ continues that lineage, with songs taking on the highly controversial GMO crop giant Monsanto as well as Wal-Mart wages and other key issues of our time.

Young’s album will be officially released on June 29, 2015, but he has recently decided to make it available online via live stream.

Click here for a live stream preview of Young’s album, which features songs such as ‘A Rock Star Bucks a Coffee Shop (sample lyrics below)':

monsanto years album

“If you don’t like to rock Starbucks a coffee shop
Well you better change your station ’cause that ain’t all that we got
Yeah, I want a cup of coffee but I don’t want a GMO
I like to start my day off without helping Monsanto”

Let our farmers grow what they want to grow”

Young is also currently touring across the country; dates can be found by clicking on his website here.

You can also order his CD on his website or by clicking on this link.

Considering his support for our cause, supporting his new CD and tour are the least we can do. Enjoy!