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Directions To Organize A March Against Monsanto In Your Area

Organize A March Against Monsanto In Your Area

Be sure to check our current event list to make sure there is not an event already planned for your city.

Step 1:

Decide whether to do a march or a single rally. If you can get at least
10 – 15 people, a march has the potential to reach a lot more people
than a rally.

Step 2:
Create a MAM community page for your city. Once you have that up and
running, send us the page link. MAM will be creating events for 24 May 2014.

Those who have already created events, should please make MAM a host of the event. March Against Monsanto will then appear next to, "Created by:..."E-Mail which we can send to Public that ppl can reach their organizer
for helping u with organization etc.

NOW SEND A FRIEND REQUEST TO THE MAM PAGE ADMIN YOU ARE WORKING WITH TO BE ADDED INTO THE LOCAL ORGANIZERS GROUP Also choose your short Twitter hashtag, example: #MAMdc for Washington DC or #MAMnyc for New York City

Step 3:
Pick a good location. For a rally, a large park or other public area
with a lot of traffic is a good spot. If there are any GMO-related
headquarters or corporations in your city, that’s another good spot.
If you’re doing a march, pick two well-known locations to start and end
your march. You can do mini-rallies at each location. Keep in mind
walking distance; around a mile is a good distance.

Step 4:
Research which permits may be necessary to make your event legal, if
you so choose. You can research this on the Internet by looking on city
government websites or calling their offices. Requirements are usually
different depending on whether you’re doing a march or a rally.

Step 5:
Reach out to potential speakers if you plan to have a rally or
mini-rallies along with a march; this is a great way to increase the
turnout and get media coverage. Try reaching out to organizations in
your city that oppose GMOs and/or Monsanto like farmers and
organizations that promote organic foods. If there are politicians in
your city/state who advocate GMO labeling, that’s another good idea as
well. Note: If you’re having speakers, you may need to get additional permits for a PA system and/or a bullhorn.

Step 6:
Once you have all of the details worked out for your rally, it’s time to promote it! This is done by use of flyers, including large ones to post to telephone poles and small ones to handout. Also send a press release to your local media alerting them to the event, to be sent out two days before and the night before or morning (around 6:00am) of your event.

If you’re doing a march, be sure to create a banner to carry so people
know why you’re marching. Also, make signs and have attendees bring
their own as well. Set up Flyer Actions! Thank you for participating

Avoid Eating Genetically Engineered Foods

This blog is part of a series that explores the themes and issues raised in Farmed and Dangerous, a 4-part satirical web series exploring issues related to the food system and industrial agriculture.

Why are thousands of physicians advising patients to avoid eating GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) [1] and how did these high-risk foods get onto the market in the first place? The answers are disturbing, even shocking, but may help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Foods with added bacterial or viral genes were quietly slipped into your diet two decades ago. Using the excuse that GMOs weren't that much different, the FDA didn't require labels or even a single safety study from GMO makers like Monsanto. But a lawsuit forced the agency to release their files and the truth finally came out.

FDA scientists repeatedly warned that GMOs could create allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems, and that rigorous safety testing was needed. But the White House had instructed the FDA to promote biotechnology, and Michael Taylor, Monsanto's former attorney, was put in charge of FDA policy. (Taylor later became Monsanto's chief lobbyist, and has returned to FDA as US Food Czar.)

Can you trust Monsanto with your family's health? That company that told us that Agent Orange, DDT and PCBs were safe.

Read More:

Dr. Oz Discusses GMO’s On Upcoming Show

Update February 14, 2014 - Click Here To View The Full Segment 
On his show Thursday, February 13, Oz will explain what a GMO is, why GMOs increase the amount of pesticide on your food and the tricks to avoiding GMOs in your family’s food.
He will be joined by expert Scott Farber of the Environmental Working Group, a consumer watchdog organization.
Together they will reveal:
  • The percentage of foods in your supermarket made with GMOs
  • Why GMOs have led to increased use of pesticides – nearly one hundred million pounds of pesticides a year!
  • The food industry’s fight to stop GMO food labels
  • Why the food industry says labeling GMO foods will increase the cost of food
  • Scott’s tips to avoid GMO foods in the grocery store
  • Why paying attention to the PLU sticker on your produce may offer GMO clues

Founder of AltHealthWORKS, Nick Meyer states: "Dr. Oz has been known to "flip flop" at times on issues like whether organic is worth the money and vaccine safety, but overall he has brought some important issues to the mainstream"