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New GMO Wheat Trial in the UK a Colossal Failure; Taxpayers Foot the Bill


What benefits do genetically modified crops give to the consumer?

That’s still a question that hasn’t been answered, or proven for that matter.

And yet the GMO experiment has continued on the taxpayers’ dime, both in the United States and recently in the United Kingdom where an experimental GMO wheat trail has been described as a disappointment by researchers.

The trial, conducted by the Rothamsted Research organization in the UK, wasted £1 million of taxpayers’ money on a type of GM wheat that was engineered with synthetic genes designed to mimic a distress signal from aphids.

The hope was that the aphids would be repelled from the wheat, with the goal of reducing insecticide use on the crops according to the website

gmo aphid

Aphid control solutions exist without expensive, untested GMOs.

Insects Adapt; Is Anyone Surprised?

According to the GMWatch article the insects adapted quickly and were not bothered by the distress signal after time. One type of aphid even adapted before the experiment ever left the lab.

GMWatch also noted that there has been an agroecological, non-GMO solution to the aphid problem shown to work since the mid-90s. The approach simply utilized native predators by supporting their habitats with flower strips around the field; aphid-repelling pheromone strips were also utilized. 

As for this type of GMO wheat it’s worth noting that no safety studies have been done, and that there is no market currently for GM wheat despite companies including Monsanto continuing to push for it.

But when there’s money to be made as Biotech companies often do by pushing these crops on unsuspecting folks who don’t want them, these types of risky, unnecessary experiments tend to continue.

The full results of the Rothamsted researchers about the GMO wheat failure can be read hereNick Meyer writes for MAM and the website AltHealthWORKS. Find them on Facebook by clicking here