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Over 94% of Americans Want MANDATORY GMO Labeling, New Poll Shows

The mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs (genetically  modified organism) is a right afforded to residents of over 60 countries around the world.

But in the United States, the House of Representatives just voted to ban mandatory GMO labeling with with the passing of a misleading “Safe and Accurate” GMO labeling bill HR1599, dubbed the DARK Act by food freedom activists who want to know what’s really in their food.

The bill would actually do away with many important initiatives such as the Non-GMO Verfication Project and ban states from enacting their own citizen-driven plans to require mandatory labels, at a time when interest is ratcheting up for the GMO labeling movement.

The MSNBC poll results were not even close.

The MSNBC poll results were not even close. But are our “representatives” in the Senate listening?

Mandatory GMO Labeling Wins in a Slam Dunk

As has been noted several times on this blog and in articles from several different news outlets, whether the people want mandatory GMO labeling is not even up for debate anymore.

Nationwide polls have consistently shown that Americans want their Right to Know, and a recent MSNBC online poll was no different: a whopping 119,000+ out of 126,000 voters responded that GMO labeling should be mandatory, for a total of over 94% in favor of GMO labeling.

While GMO labeling measures have failed in states like California and Oregon in the recent past, those initiatives were tainted as Big Food companies along with Monsanto and the GMA badly outspent their opposition to the tune of tens of millions of dollars to confuse voters with misleading scare campaigns about the prices of groceries going up. Vermont has also passed a GMO labeling bill but is being sued by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association to prevent it from going into effect, yet another assault on states’ rights on behalf of the chemical giants.

For more on the poll, check out this link. And be sure to take action against the DARK Act and GMO labeling ban, which now heads to the Senate, by clicking on this link, sharing this information, and calling your local Senator’s office.

Nick Meyer writes for March Against Monsanto and the health website