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Taxpayer Funded GM Cereal Crop Successfully Produces Fish Oil In Its Seeds

Fish oil supplements are some of the most popular on the market, especially since they’re a source of Omega 3s that many people aren’t getting enough of each day.

But now a British company is taking fish oil where it’s never been before: inside the seeds of a plant.

According to this article in The Independent, the crop was funded by the government and took place at Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire next to a failed GM wheat trial conducted last month.

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Camelina. PHOTO/

Extra Genes Added to New GM Crop

The crop was genetically engineered with up to seven extra genes involved in the manufacturing of Omega 3 oils in water-based algaes, which are often eaten in wild fish.

The goal of the trial is to find alternative ways to feed farmed fish so that they end up with more of the Omega 3s in their diet, which usually come from anchovies, sand eels or other natural sources. But will these farmed fish actually be healthy when it’s all said and done? Currently large numbers of farmed fish are fed an unnatural diet of genetically modified corn and soy pellets, and live in unsanitary and unnatural conditions that can cause them to become extraordinarily unhealthy by the time they reach your plate. The new GM crop is an attempt to allow the fish farming system to stay on its current path. 

Up to 15 percent of the oil in the GM crops turned out to be of the Omega 3 variety according to researchers.

Researchers said that it was one of the most complex trials ever carried out; the question is whether consumers actually want it and what the unintended health effects may be down the line.

The crop grown was camelina, also known as “false flax.” For more on the trial check out the original article here.

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