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Do You Value Your DNA and Genetic Health? Stay Away from Monsanto Chemicals, Study Says

It’s no secret that farm chemicals are dangerous to the workers and wildlife that are exposed to them, but until recently we didn’t quite know the full extent of that damage.

Farm workers in the soybean industry are particularly at risk of being harmed by synthetic herbicides and pesticides (especially the ones manufactured by Monsanto) according to a study published in the journal ‘Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis,’ which included 127 people, most of whom were exposed to these chemicals during their work in the Brazilian soybean industry.

While the powers-that-be insist these chemicals are safe, the study casts a dark shadow on their safety especially in light of the importance of genetic health, both now and among future generations, to human health in general.

DNA damage has been recorded as a likely side effect of exposure to Monsanto farm chemicals including those in Roundup.

Damage to human DNA has been recorded as a likely effect of Monsanto chemicals including those in Roundup.


Monsanto Chemicals Linked to Genetic Damage

According to the study, released in 2013 but recently reported on by the news website RT, the soybean workers exposed to agricultural chemicals like glyphosate, which is included in Monsanto’s best-selling ‘Roundup’ herbicide, were recorded as having higher levels of DNA and cell damage.

Of the 127 people, 81 exposed to the chemicals were studied along with 46 who were not exposed. Those working with the chemicals showed a higher level of DNA damage as well as cellular apoptosis (programmed cell death, or suicide committed by damaged cells within the body).

“Our findings indicate the advisability of monitoring genetic toxicity in soybean farm workers exposed to pesticides,” the researchers said.

For more info, read the full text of the study here.

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