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What You Need to Know About the DARK Act (Plus How to Stop it In Its Tracks)

The DARK Act passed the House on July 23, 2015 in what was yet another major step toward passing into law a measure that could effectively ban GMO labeling at the statewide level.

Despite nationwide polls by major media outlets consistently showing that over 90% of Americans want GMO labeling, a right afforded in over 60 countries around the world, the Right to Know what’s in our food is at now stake more than ever before.

For weeks news updates surrounding the mysterious DARK Act, introduced as HR1599 by Mike Pompeo of Kansas (who has taken contributions from both Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers’ Association), was hard to come by as the House vote drew near.

Word began to spread on Facebook that it was even being censored on newsfeeds everywhere preventing it from being read and people from knowing and calling their reps.

Now that the bill has passed, all of a sudden it is actually trending on Facebook.

While the bill passing the House is a setback, Anthony Gucciardi from the website Natural Society came out recently with the video below on how the news of its passing can help increase awareness and lead to positive momentum toward stopping it.

You can view it on our Facebook page by clicking here.

You can also help stop the DARK Act by calling your Senator and telling them to oppose any legislation that would ban mandatory GMO labeling, a right afforded in 60+ countries around the world. A vote is expected soon in the Senate; you can find your Senator by clicking on the links below:

A DARK Day: The End Of Food Freedom?

By Tami Canal, MAM Founder 

More of our democracy has died today. Despite the nearly 93% of American people that demand GMO labeling, today, the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of mighty corporations and the Grocery Manufacturers Association to circumvent any right We The People have to know what’s in the food we buy and feed our families.

Big dollars and biotech influence in D.C. have once again reigned supreme. It is an abomination that our elected officials time and again do the bidding of rich corporations instead of fulfilling the demands of the very people who put them in office.

We will not stop. The cronyism and corruption on display today is one of the fundamental reasons March Against Monsanto was created. It is our time in history to stop the corporate hijacking of our food supply.


This is not a fight to shelve for another generation. We are hanging on to the shreds of food freedom and, if we do not act, if we do not become a greater force to be reckoned with, all will be lost. Do not give up hope. We will march on.

Although the passing of the DARK Act today is a defeat, we still hold the power. Never has it been more important to grow your own food and support local farmers. Continue to stand by companies who are responsible.

And most importantly, wield your greatest weapon: the almighty dollar. Boycott Monsanto and other corporations who routinely choose wealth before health and profit over people. We hope to see everyone at the Food Justice March in D.C. October 16-17, 2015.