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California Residents None Too Pleased With Fascist New Seed Saving Law

One of the biggest criticisms of Monsanto has been not just its dangerously untested genetically modified crops and chemicals, but also their desire to control just about everything related to food “from seed-to-table.”

The company’s practices are just one example of what has become a nationwide crackdown on food sovereignty and the rights and freedoms of family farmers and even gardeners, and nowhere is that presence more clear than in California, which passed a new seed-saving law that has many in the Golden State incensed.

As noted in this article from the Lake County Record-Bee, the simple practice of exchanging green bean seeds for some pinto bean seeds with another person who lives more than three miles away is now considered to be a crime.

california seed saving

Lake County, CA. PHOTO Via

Individual farmers must adhere to the same strict quality control and packaging standards just to make a simple trade of the seeds that have been freely given out by Mother Nature since the dawn of mankind.

“They are limiting diversity. Diversity is what runs the planet,” resident Ron Kiczenski said to the newspaper. “If we can’t trade seeds like our ancestors did, how are we going to keep that diversity and tradition alive?”

This particular line in the law, passed last summer in California, is the one most want taken out: “…sell(ing) includes offer for sale, expose for sale, possess for sale, barter or trade.”

Protesters took aim at the law, AB2470, on Seed Freedom Day earlier this month.

The law is just one example of a cavalcade of similar ones that have taken root across the United States and even reaching into other nations where large mutli-national seed corporations are present.

For more on the law and the residents’ complaints, check out the original article here.

Nick Meyer writes for MAM and the website