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Can the American Farming System Handle the Skyrocketing Demand for Non-GMO Foods?

As evidenced by May’s March Against Monsanto and the protest movement against GMOs at the grocery store and farmer’s markets, demand for non-GMO and organic food is skyrocketing.

But as more and more companies and products go non-GMO, will the American farming system be able to handle all of these requests?

Or will companies resort to bending the rules and passing off the same “conventional” ingredients as something they’re not?

Recent reports have suggested that America has been forced to import everything from Romanian corn to grass-fed Australian beef in order to keep up with demand.

While challenges do exist, consumers should be delighted to know that the supply is finally catching up to the demand.

Suppliers have been stocking up on Non-GMO grains to meet demand.

Suppliers have been stocking up on Non-GMO grains to meet demand.

American Non-GMO Supply Catching Up

According to this article from the Iowa-based Organic & Non-GMO Report website and newsletter, the non-GMO grain supply is now up 25 percent, while demand is up 15-20 percent.

“I don’t think there is a danger of non-GMO supplies running out,” says Lynn Clarkson in the article, the president of Clarkson Grain.

Further into the article it is revealed that there has been an astounding 80 percent growth in the demand for non-GMO and organic food recently, according to Kara VanKleek, marketing director at CHS, Inc. which supplies Non-GMO Project Verified soy flours, flakes and oils.

Soy flour in particular has been in high demand because of its status as a well known GMO-tainted food product.

While much progress has been made there is still work to do, especially in terms of helping cities and towns that still have virtually no non-GMO options available, including restaurants and sellers of packaged foods. 

For more information on the continuing rise of non-GMO foodstuffs in the United States and the incredible demand being generated, check out the full article here from the Non-GMO & Organic Report.

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