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Synergistic Agriculture,

by Juanfran Lopez of Ragmans Farm

Synergistic Agriculture is a method that has been developed since the 1980s  by a Spanish woman called Emilia Hazelip. This method allows you to farm without digging or even scratching the soil, not even superficially. This protects the bacteria, fungi and all forms of invisible life allowing complex, subtle and beneficial interactions. Ploughing, or any other disturbance of the soil kills millions of underground and microscopic creatures and prevents organic matter accumulating in the soil. This destroys the living soils activity and all the resulting benefits to crops. In return we have to reproduce the benefits of the natural activity with the “myth” of applied fertilizers. In the natural environment 95% of the nutrients come from the sun and atmospheric gases.

Rules of Synergistic Agriculture:
– Do not disturb or compact the soil
– Use the self-fertility of the land as fertiliser
– Add layers of humus to the growing area & establish a partnership with symbiotic organisms in the rhizosphere.

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